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This is a very interesting site about psychological counseling and therapy, art, and olive oil. One can find interesting articles on these topics regularly on this and other sites. There are a lot of similar websites out there that would be looking for good writers to join their teams. Here are some guidelines a good writer should follow.


Original articles should be written without any plagiarism. The length of the articles will vary depending on the employer. Writers should use attractive titles for articles and a few subtitles so that it’s easy to read. Articles must be grammatically correct. Write in short paragraphs and short sentences. The tone of the article should be conversational and informative. An added bonus is to include relevant images to articles.


Before submitting a piece, make sure to proofread the article to find potential typos. There are helpful online tools that can be used for spelling checking and content.

After submitting articles you should wait for a response. They might ask you to edit your article. Once you get feedback and make the corrections in your article most will probably publish it.

If you have a further questions on want to know more about writing articles then you can contact us.