3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork

Being an artist is not easy. Unless you have that special thing in you it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. With the advent of internet this field has become even more competitive. There is a huge demand for artworks in museums, workplaces, and homes; but at the same time, there are too many artists trying to make it. So, if you want to sell your artwork you need to work hard.

There are various ways you can sell your artwork. One of the more common ways is to hold an exhibition. Museums often want to buy artworks. You can also sell it through social media platforms like Instagram or your website.

Recently, several websites have come up where you can easily sell your artwork. Here we are going to talk about a few of those websites.

Post Image 3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork etsy - 3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork


This site was launched in 2005 and is a great marketplace for painters, crafters, and various artists. The platform allows the artists to showcase their works to potential buyers and also sell them online.

By presenting your artwork here you will be able to reach the largest prospective customers of artwork. At the same time, it is very competitive as many artists are trying to earn a living by selling their artworks.

To sell your artwork here you need to create an Etsy shop. Then you have to list the artworks you want to sell and have high-quality photos of the work. You should then start marketing your artwork. You can also promote your artwork using various advertising options available on Etsy.

Post Image 3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork amazon - 3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork


You can now get everything on Amazon including artworks. So, it is a very prospective platform for artists to sell their works. Amazon has a section that is entirely dedicated to a fine art. You can list your works here.

To sell products here you first need approval from amazon. Once you get it, you should pay a certain amount for every sale. You should also pay a referral fee of up to 20% of the total cost. Amazon is a popular marketplace and you will get lots of customers here.

Post Image 3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork Shopify - 3 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Artwork


This platform has grown in popularity recently and is a great place for selling your artwork. You can build a nice e-commerce site with Shopify where you can sell your artwork. There are various features in Shopify which you can use to run your shop.

If you want to host an art shop in Shopify you have to pay a monthly subscription fee depending on the level of your setup. You get a free 90-day trial here which a great opportunity to know whether it will work for you or not.

These online platforms give you the best opportunity to sell your artwork. Though the competition is high here, with the right marketing strategy you will be able to get good results from it.

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